Try Sunlight

Increase performance and minimize costs for virtualized workloads with Sunlight when deployed anywhere – in the Cloud, On-prem or at the Edge.

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Sunlight Assisted Trial

Try Sunlight with the assistance of a Sunlight team member.

  • Get an on-line demo of Sunlight
  • Discuss free trial options – including in AWS, a Sunlight hosted cluster or on your own hardware
  • Get free remote assistance to install and configure Sunlight
  • Fill in the form below and we can have you up-and-running within a day
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Try it Yourself in AWS

Deploy Sunlight in AWS on demand. Sunlight deploys on .metal infrastructure instantaneously.

  • You’ll need your own AWS account
  • Consult the AWS setup guide
  • Spin up your Free Sunlight Infrastructure Manager and start deploying your Sunlight cluster
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Try it On Your Own Servers

Deploy Sunlight software on your own servers

  • Consult the supported hardware guide
  • Get free assistance from Sunlight to install and configure if required
  • Fill in the form below to request a limited-duration licence key