The Sunlight Stack

For When Virtualised Application Performance Matters is a New Hypervisor technology purpose built for the cognitive workload era. Increase performance and minimize costs for virtualized workloads either on premise or in cloud. Sunlight provides a complete hyperconverged stack – including hypervisor, software defined storage and software defined networking components – all designed for speed.

Sunlight Dashboard

The Sunlight Dashboard is an easy to use management dashboard and API which allows the user to configure, monitor and manage the entire virtual datacenter, all from a single pane of glass. The Dashboard also enables fast deployment of Docker Swarms and Kubernetes.

Sunlight SDN

Sunlight’s Software Defined Networking embeds fast network switch support in every hypervisor node. It enables the creation of ethernet-based virtual private networks and enables access to direct attached network segments directly from VMs. SDS aggregates

Sunlight SDS

Sunlight SDS is the Software Defined Storage layer. Sunlight SDS aggregates local storage drives across a cluster (ideally NVMe) into a virtual storage pool which can be provisioned as vDisks – each with their own failover and redundancy policies, and fast repair and resynch times for

The NexVisor hypervisor

A Type 1 Hypervisor, built from the ground-up to support today’s high performance hardware technologies with almost zero overhead. Sunlight can run on your own hardware, in the cloud – including in AWS, and on low-power edge devices. Sunlight makes

Deploy Anywhere – Cloud, On-prem or at the Edge

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On Prem

Deploy in your own datacenter and achieve 30-50% TCO savings versus VMware

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Amazon AWS

Deploy on-demand in AWS and achieve up to 90% cost savings – especially if you’re using PIOPS today

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Deploy on low power and resource constrained environments including Intel Atom & Xeon-D embedded processors