Sunlight on-premise

Sunlight On-Premise

Deploy Sunlight in your own datacenter as a drop-in replacement for legacy hypervisors such as Xen, KVM and VMware.

Sunlight is fast to deploy – taking under 10 minutes for a fully functional cluster, including Sunlight SDS, Sunlight SDN and the Sunlight Dashboard. Once deployed, Sunlight VMs have access to millions of IOPS, with 1 million+ IOPS available to each VM.


Easily Migrate Existing Templates

Deploy VMs from the Sunlight public template manager or from your own local template manager

Fault tolerance and redundancy

With Sunlight you can create fault tolerance policies for VMs per blade, per chassis or per Rack. You can enable or disable replication at the VM block storage level as required. Infrastructure visualisation tools provide drag and drop locality awareness support.


Fast Deployment

You shouldn’t need to hire consultants to deploy an HCI stack. Deploy a Sunlight cluster within 10 minutes – including NexVisor, Sunlight SDS, Sunlight SDN and Sunlight Dashboard without multiple installation and configuration processes.

Supported hardware

The Sunlight on-premise product runs optimally on Intel architecture servers (Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors) with a minimum of 128GB RAM, all flash NVMe storage and Intel 10GBit NICs (X550 and X540 family)

Recommended off-the shelf platforms include:

Please contact the Sunlight support team if you want to deploy onto a customised system not in this list and would to confirm compatibility.

Infrastructure requirements

  • 10Gbit switch with 2 ports for every Sunlight node (recommended 2 switches for redundancy)
  • Outbound internet access recommended for remote support and monitoring
  • Rack, power and cooling