Sunlight on AWS

Sunlight in AWS

Sunlight can be deployed in AWS on-demand as a direct replacement for the native AWS hypervisor – giving instant performance gains. Databases can run 4x faster on like-for-like infrastructure and Hadoop can run over 2x as fast.

Sunlight is fast to deploy – taking under 10 minutes to deploy an on-demand cluster, including Sunlight SDS, Sunlight SDN and the Sunlight Dashboard. Once deployed, Sunlight VMs have access to millions of IOPS, with 1 million+ IOPS available to each VM.


No more IOPS limits

Native AWS instances are limited to a maximum of 80,000 IOPS aggregate per instance – and only for the largest instance types. With Sunlight, you can access 1M+ IOPS even on small instances. Sunlight aggregates direct attached NVMe flash drives together across a cluster into a massive pool of IOPS performance with redundancy for failover. Additionally, pair AWS Elastic Block Storage LUNs with Sunlight storage for fast read caching with AWS backup and snapshot for VM content.

No More Provisioned IOPS Costs

Provisioned IOPS (PIOPS) in AWS are expensive – at latest pricing, it would cost over $90,000 per month to access 1M IOPS. Using the Sunlight stack in AWS with NVMe storage gives access to over 1M IOPS per instance at a total cost of less than $4,000 per month. For IOPS-bound workloads in AWS – Sunlight is the only practical choice.


Fast Migration For Native AMIs

Sunlight can deploy your native AMIs directly as Sunlight instances for fast and easy migration. Just connect the Sunlight template manager to your AWS account, and Sunlight can import your existing AMIs.

Fast Embedded Network Switch Support in Every Hypervisor Node

Sunlight SDN contains extensive AWS support. Bandwidth from AWS elastic network NICs can be seamlessly aggregated. Direct assigned AWS IP addresses can be accessed from a VM. Sunlight SDN encapsulation technology can create virtual private networks across a cluster on-demand with internal IP addressing schema.