Sunlight for Edge systems

Sunlight for Edge systems Product Description

Deploy on low power and resource constrained environments including Intel Atom and Intel Xeon-D embedded processors

Achieve millions of IOPs at a fraction of the cost

Fully integrated SDS and SDN over general purpose ethernet fabric

Supported hardware

The Sunlight Edge system platform is a cut-down version of the Sunlight cluster optimised to run on resource constrained edge environments. Targetting systems with memory up to 128GB per server, single socket processor boards with reduced cores (maximum 16 cores), lower grade storage drives such as M.2 format NVMe and direct attached SATA SSDs, it can be deployed on Intel embedded processor boards such as Atom and Xeon-D boards:

Management dashboard


Deploy VMs from the Sunlight public template manager or from your own local template manager

Control fine-grained CPU, storage and network resource allocation per VM and per physical host

Monitor cluster wide stats in real time

Infrastructure visualisation tools to provide drag and drop locality awareness support

Container Management


Manage and deploy Docker swarms and Kubernetes clusters instantly with baremetal performance


Automated deployment of portainer for easier Docker swarm management.

Software Defined Storage


Aggregate direct attached NVMe flash or SATA SSD drives together across a cluster into a massive pool of IOPs performance with redundancy for failover

Achieve Millions of IOPs in aggregate across the cluster on NVMe enabled systems

Fast repair and resynch times for content repair

Software Defined Network

Fast embedded network switch support in every hypervisor node

Sunlight SDN virtual network support enables seamless bandwidth aggregation across physical 10gbit ethernet NICs

Utilise the Sunlight SDN encapsulation technology to create virtual private networks across a cluster on-demand with internal IP addressing schema

Fault tolerance and redundancy


Create fault tolerance policy for VMs per blade, per chassis or per Rack

Enable or disable replication at the VM block storage level as required