Support Policy

Support Overview

  • 24*7 Global Support for the Sunlight Solution:
    • Support in Americas, Europe and Asia
    • Support for these regions is in English language only
    • First contact from Customer to support team is via email
  • Support price for Sunlight Application and Sunlight Hardware (where applicable) is included in monthly contract Fees
  • Support for the Sunlight Solution is conditional upon:
    • Customer providing 1st line support;
    • Customer being responsible for and performing all system administration type activities relating to the Sunlight Solution; and
    • Customer utilising reasonably competent and skilled technicians to communicate and liaise with the support team.
  • Support provided by for the Sunlight Solution is limited to Customer queries relating to the functioning and use of the Sunlight Solution and related troubleshooting.

Support Overview – Sunlight Application

  • Sunlight Application support consists of 3 tiers of support:
    • Priority 1 Cases: 1 hour response time
    • Priority 2 Cases: 4 hour response time
    • Priority 3 Cases: 8 hour response time
  • Outside of initial responses, Sunlight Application Support also includes the provisions of upgrades, patches etc for the Sunlight Application
  • Sunlight Application Support includes unlimited customer support admins per Order

Support Overview – Sunlight Hardware

  • Sunlight Hardware Support (where Sunlight Hardware is provided by
    • Covered by Manufacturer standard warranty
    •  If the Sunlight Hardware fails during the Term of your Order, will arrange for the Sunlight Hardware at its option to be either replaced or repaired (whether in whole or in part).
    • Where the Sunlight Hardware is to be replaced, will work towards the following shipping estimates: 
      Region Target Minimum Target Maximum
      2 Days 7 Days
      2 Days 9 Days
      2 Days 8 Days
    • Replacement shipping times vary by region and are impacted by factors such as customs clearance, local shipping conditions and/or availability of replacement parts. cannot commit to an exact SLA but expects to be able to meet these
      targets in most cases.
    • Standard Sunlight Hardware support does not cover failure or defects in the Sunlight Hardware caused by:
      • any maintenance, alteration, modification or adjustment performed by persons other than or its employees or agents;
      • damage due to causes external to the Sunlight Hardware, including accidental damage, electrical problems, environmental conditions, failure to comply with provided instructions;
      • your neglect or misuse of the Sunlight Hardware or other damage for which you are responsible for as described in the Master Agreement; or
      • breach by you of your obligations in the Agreement. is not obliged to provide support in the above scenarios, but where we do so, additional fees and charges may apply.

  • Next business day Sunlight Hardware support is available for additional support Fees – please contact us for further details. If you select this enhanced support option, further details will be described in your Order.

Capitalised terms used in this Support Policy shall be given the meaning ascribed to those terms in the Master Agreement.