0 bottleneck with Sunlight.io

0 bottleneck with Sunlight.io

  • Posted by Elena Psirri
  • On July 4, 2019

Intuitive and practical interface The Sunlight.io Enterprise Software Platform is a fully converged infrastructure system optimized to provide high-performance I/Ofor both networking and storage traffic to and from tenant

virtual machines. The Sunlight.io Enterprise Software Platform is comprised of a lightweight virtualization hypervisor, called the NexVisor, a distributed block storage volume management layer based on the mature Sunlight.io Integrated Storage technology; and an OpenStack-based controller that runs as a tenant VirtualService on top of one of the NexVisors in the cluster.
The Sunlight.io Enterprise Software Platform is optimized on a specific set of hardware platforms, such as clusters of highend Intel BobcatPeak processor systems, Xeon-D Broadwell systems and Kaleao KMAX 12 Blade/192 server systems. As
new hardware becomes available, additional optimizations are developed constantly, in order to support new systems.

The SUNLIGHT Company

Using cutting-edge technologies and fully exploiting its knowhow, the Sunlight.io team, through its incubation within OnApp, has successfully participated in several European research projects, in which it has delivered innovative products and services. With a track record of exploiting the research and development   work, the team has successfully aligned commercial needs to the research goals of the projects.
Sunlight.io headquarters are located in Cambridge, UK with teams based around the world, including the US. The company is
backed by a world-class team of engineers, with expertise in lowlevel hardware design, firmware/drivers, hypervisors, storage and network I/O, cloud management/orchestration and web UI technologies.


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