Virtualise Any High Performance Workload with
BareMetal Performance

Today’s workloads are resource hungry. Traditional virtualisation is bloated and can’t keep up. Sunlight unlocks BareMetal performance with all the benefits of virtualisation

  • 4x your QPS performance for MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • 2x memory throughput – for faster cache performance
  • Up to 10x faster storage IOPS
  • Half the network latency – to improve query response time
  • Zero provisioned IOPS costs in AWS

  • Double your Hadoop performance per HDFS node
  • 2x memory throughput – for faster caching and in-memory performance
  • Up to 10x IOPS – for faster on-disk data access
  • Half the network latency for faster query performance
  • Built-in Docker Swarm and Kubernetes provisioning support

  •  Deploy a complete Sunlight cluster on low power embedded hardware at the edge
  •  Leverage the Sunlight HCI technology to simplify your edge infrastructure
  • Integrated Kubernetes and Docker Swarm deployment engines make edge service deployment quick and easy
  •  Leverage NVMe flash storage to achieve the highest performance for your edge applications

  • Improves Varnish cache performance by 2x through better memory throughput
  • Improves Database-tier Queries-per-second performance by 4x
  • Cuts out Provisioned IOPS costs when running in AWS

A Complete Hyperconverged infrastructure stack

Sunlight NexVisor

Sunlight SDS

Sunlight SDN

Sunlight Dashboard

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Built from the ground-up to support today’s high performance hardware technologies with almost zero overhead

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Distributed Software Defined Storage for easy scaling and low latency with built in data redundancy

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Software Defined Networking enabling easy creation of ethernet-based virtual private networks

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Easy to use Sunlight Dashboard and API to configure, monitor and manage your virtual datacenter

Near Bare Metal Performance for Today’s Fastest Hardware

Storage has the highest performing virtualized IOPs with Intel Optane and NVMe drives

Memory has the highest performing memory throughput – 2x that of Xen – with NUMA memory

Networking has the lowest latency network performance – nearly half that of Xen – with Intel X550 cards.

Deploy Anywhere – Cloud, On-prem or at the Edge

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On Prem

Deploy in your own datacenter and achieve 30-50% TCO savings versus VMware

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Amazon AWS

Deploy on-demand in AWS and achieve up to 90% cost savings – especially if you’re using PIOPS today

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Deploy on low power and resource constrained environments including Intel Atom & Xeon-D embedded processors

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Rock solid reliability

The Sunlight Dashboard provides a single, beautiful UI to configure and manage infrastructure, and access fine-grained reporting on performance from the datacentre down to individual component level.

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Minimise licence costs with precise execution control

Sunlight not only provides host and CPU affinity rules for resource groups, but with CPU pinning can provide a 100% guarantee that workloads will only run on specific physical cores. Audit reports can provide evidence of these facts for licence negotiations and audits.

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Granular control of failover

Set failover policies at the VM and vCPU level in Sunlight with physical location awareness at the host, rack and zone level – preventing concentration risk for your key workloads.

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Embedded fault tolerance

Fault tolerance is embedded at the core of the Sunlight platform. VMs will failover to alternative nodes, Sunlight SDS storage will failover to redundant drives and Sunlight SDN networking will revert to a good path – all automatically in milliseconds based on policies you control.

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Reduce your datacenter footprint

Sunlight’s ability to get the most out of your high performance hardware means fewer server are required, reducing your overall hardware spend, datacenter footprint, maintenance and power costs.

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Low the TCO of your application infrastructure

Sunlight provides the most cost-effective means to build a high performance infrastructure. Because high performance hardware performs like bare metal, hardware costs are kept to a minimum and licence costs for application software based on memory or CPU are minimised.